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Hi and thanks for visiting my website, My name is Harold Burch and I live in Clifton Forge, VA (a small town built on the successes and failures of the railroad). I haven't always lived here though. I was born in Covington, VA, about 11 miles down the road. I lived in Covington until I was about 7 years of age and my family moved into the country with the arrival of my sister, my second sibling of three. I have a total of 3 siblings. Included are 2 brothers and one sister, Steve(n), Amanda, and Matt(hew).
We lived there for about 10 years until we moved back to the outskirts of Covington, down next to the river behind Clearview Estates, which is a well-to-do community. The reason that I bring up well-to-do is that we were never "well-to-do". My father and mother ALWAYS worked very hard, sometimes 2 or three jobs to give their 4 children everything that they needed. As the old saying goes we had love and that is all that mattered.
I lived there until I left for the US Navy at the age of 17 years. That was exciting and quite an eye opening experience. I was able to meet a lot of diverse people that I had never experienced growing up in the small communities that I lived in. I served on three different nuclear powered submarines as a Yeoman. The picture below is the USS George Washington Carver (SSBN 656), she was my first.


I served almost 4 years but decided to take the "early out" that the government was offering as "slick willy" Bill Clinton was promoting base closures and troop reduction. I came back home and bounced from job to job struggling to find my calling. I did such things as working in convenience stores, night auditor at hotels, selling insurance for Mutual of Omaha and Combined Insurance Company of America, delivering newspapers for the Virginian Review (a local newspaper that my parents delivered for), becoming the distributor for the Roanoke Times (parents delivered for them as well) in the Alleghany Highlands area, etc. But where I eventually found my calling was in manufacturing. I got a job with the same manufacturer of rubber molded products, Acadia, that my father had worked at for 30 years. I worked there for a year and really liked it. Due to some disagreements, I left there (unfortunately) and bounced around again. A few years later I was able to get my foot back in the door as a temporary employee. I excelled there, but it wasn't meant to be as the plant packed up and moved to Mexico. In no time flat I landed another manufacturing job at a local car parts manufacturer, Lear, and lasted there for about six months until, you guessed it, they packed up.....and moved to another city in Virginia. Actually they combined our facility with another that they owned. So as luck would have it I landed another, and my current, manufacturing job with a company that is about 30 minutes from home in Fincastle, VA. Again, I excelled there and within 2 years I was the 2nd shift Supervisor. I was the 2nd Shift Supervisor for about 9 years until I transferred to 3rd Shift as it's Supervisor, which I currently am. The reason for the transfer was that me and my wife felt like my daughter, Alana J. Burch, needed her Dad at home a little more for structure and support. So, I made the jump when the opportunity presented itself.


This is my baby right here. She is everything to me and I love her more than life itself. Sometimes we argue, fuss, and fight, but she is the reason, along with my wife, Christine Burch, that I struggle each day. Alana is very smart, I mean super smart, and I am so proud of her and her accomplishments. She has been in choir, won her 6th grade spelling bee, and has been an A and A/B honor roll student basically her whole school career. She is 15 and is a freshman at Alleghany High School where me and her mother graduated.  She is doing so well that she earned A honor roll for the semester and received a letter from our Rep from the House here in Virginia.


And here are two of the three most influential persons in my life:
Harold D. Burch and Sandra S. Burch (parents).
I guess the first one of the three to talk about would be my dad. Dad was a GIANT of a man as far as his build. He worked out when he was younger and even though he stopped he still maintained his huge size just not the complete definition (until he was diagnosed with cancer). Ooooh and let me tell ya, when he was whoopin' dat ass, you knew that he had never lost any of that power. I loved and feared my Dad. And by fear I don't mean in a bad way. I feared the punishment and consequences that man could meat out. He was a fair and loving man when you did as you were told. He was a HELL of a man when you didn't. He believed in the saying of not sparing the rod. He wielded that rod with generosity if you did wrong. But no matter what, he always had your back....unless you were wrong. Then you were held accountable. He didn't make any excuses for his children misbehaving or anything. You behaved or else.
My Dad had one hell of a work ethic. He held one full time job, as well as one to two part time jobs (at the same time) most of his adult life. He was a provider and took great pride in that fact. He pounded into me that that was the man's/husband's be the provider. Dad had a simple life consisting of working, camping, riding horses, and tending to his family.
His life would come to a screaching hault when he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He was no longer able to work and daily living was a chore for him. He found joy in what was left for him on the short road that cancer had provided him to travel. He only lived about 1.5 years after it all started. He fought like a champion, and left this Earth to be with his Father in June of 2009.
No one will ever know the effect that his death had on me as he was my mentor, my Father, my teacher, my friend, my baby's grandfather.....he was "THE MAN" among normal men. I love my Dad with all my heart and each and every day I look up at Heaven and pray that I am making him proud.
Love you Dad.

My Mom is a very caring woman. She has lived a very hard life. She worked outside of the home as well as inside as a mother/wife. She had the burden of taking care of four children, the home, our education, etc. She did it all. She is on her own now. All of her children have moved out and/or away.
In Mom's hayday she worked in manufacturing at a sewing plant and a car manufacturing plant, Lear. She has worked at a convenience store and a shoe store. She deliverd two newspapers, one a local and one a regional.
Mom is very intelligent and is probably who we got a lot of our book smarts from. Not that Dad wasn't intelligent, but Mom had the upper hand in the book smarts department. She chose to be a housewife and mother though rather than pursue college. She did it out of love for my Dad and what he meant to her.
She was there until the end for Dad and I will always respect her for that.
It's hard to say a lot about Mom as she did it all. She was the go-to-person for everything. I love her and really wish that she and Dad could have spent their retirement years together. I feel that both were cheated out of a lot of good living.
I would like to publicly thank Mom here for all the thankless things that she did for us as a Mother and feel as though I was truly blessed to have her as a mother, Grandmother to my baby girl, etc.
Love you Mom.


Now here is the third most influential person that I love with all my heart and truly adore, Christine wife and Mother to Alana J.
Not enough can be said for this woman. She has been fending for herself since she was 18 years old and now takes care of me and our daughter as well....voluntarily if you can believe that. LOL!!!
She is a gift from God and I am so blessed to have her. She has had health issues the past 7 years or so and we have been blessed in that respect. She is working hard on losing weight and being healthy. And she is doing WELL!!! I am so proud of her and I know that she is doing it for Alana J as she wants to see the baby grow. She is such a great mother and I do believe it was her calling and I am glad that she waited for me to provide her with her one and only Alana J.
She worked for over 30 years as a Certified Nursing Assistant, mostly taking care of the elderly in local nursing homes. She was very passionate about her patients and it hurt her when she had to quit work due to health reasons. She gave it her all when she was working and was known as a very compassionate caregiver.
She is very attentive to me and Alana's daily needs and tends to them with love and affection....well on occasion she grumbles, but who doesn't. LOL!!!
My wife has been rocked in the past few years by the death of her Mother, Father, and brother (Walter G. Nicely, Jr.). All three were special people to her, and it has really been hard for her. When her Mother and Father passed away, she still had "Jerry" (Walter G. Nicely, her brother) to comfort her, help her, talk to her, etc. He was such an amazing man, and he was also married to my sister, Amanda. When he passed away, it hurt us in so many ways. Me being the oldest of four siblings, I never had an older brother. But when he married my sister, and I married his, I considered him my older brother and he lived up to the bill. If I needed anything, he was there for me. My wife did as she thought he would want her to do and started taking even better care of herself so that she could take care of Alana J.
Our life is still in motion so I am sure I can come back here and add to MY STORY concerning Christine, but the biggest thing I can say about her is that she is my rock, one of my main reasons to be, the love of my life, my partner (financially and emotionally), my super-model, my baby mama, MY EVERYTHING!!!
So what I hope you have taken from MY STORY is that I am like my Father. I am hard working, devoted, an accountability freak, and one to take care of his family.
So I hope that you have learned enough about me and my life to feel like you know me and my family. I am on this journey with Internet Marketing and hope that it is a pleasant one. If there ever is anything that I can do for you, please don't hesitate to reach out and I will try to do my best to help you in any way that I can.
I promise that if you come along with me on this journey that you will be treated as a member of my family and I will give you my best and my all.
Good Luck if you decide to join in this journey with me and together we can CRUSH IT!!!!

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